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Licensed Funeral Directors in Knoxville

Mynatt Funeral Home is a licensed funeral home in Knoxville with a dedicated staff to ensure things run smoothly at our facility.

Mynatt Funeral Home

Our Caring, Professional Team

Every staff member we have at our Knoxville location is part of a family team that provides caring, professional service to our community members. We value everyone who works with us, and we are pleased to be able to introduce you to each of them here on this page. If you need assistance from Mynatt Funeral Home, our staff is available for you any time of the day or night.

Certified Advanced Loss and Grief Recovery Specialist

Joy Gartner

Certified Advanced Loss & Grief Recovery Specialist

Founder of Walking with Joy ~ Loss & Grief

Walking with Joy ~ Loss & Grief Recovery… A Path to Hope and Peace.

Life can be messy and rarely turns out the way we plan. Sometimes that leads us to be depressed, hopeless or discouraged. Discover new skills to find your way out of the maze of life’s struggles and disappointments. Pain that is not transformed is transmitted. Walking with Joy helps you navigate the unexpected twists and turns of life so you can life a life full of joy and happiness.

For more than 50 years Joy has served churches, recovery facilities and para-church organizations here in the states and abroad. Since 2002, she has focused her attention to walk beside individuals who have experienced loss & grief.
As a Certified Advanced Loss & Grief Recovery Specialist she offers Small Group Workshops and 1-on-1 sessions to others to help them discover a process to move beyond pain caused by death, divorce, loss or lifestyle change. Joy shares her experience, strength and hope so that others can find a path to hope and happiness as she did. She is passionate about enabling others to find their own healing path and begin living from a place of peace. Joy has 2 married children and 5 “grand princesses,” one “grand prince,” one great-grandson and one great-grandson. She loves traveling, reading, photography and taking "mystery rides" with her grandchildren and great grandson.

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