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Family Owned and Operated

Mynatt Funeral Home is a family owned and operated business in Knoxville, TN, composed of 24 full-time and 12 part-time employees. We were founded in 1900 by the late Ernest Mynatt of Halls Crossroads, TN, where he and his son Kyle sold caskets out of Mynatt Hardware Store. In 1929, after his father’s passing, Kyle was intrigued by the funeral profession that he branched out the business into Fountain City, TN, to form our present location at 2829 Rennoc Rd. Kyle, along with his wife Wilma, proceeded to manage and operate Mynatt Funeral Home, and over the next few years our staff grew to include Walter E. “Bud” Coomer and wife Mary, Ronald Hill, and Buddy Coomer, son of Bud and Mary, as well as several others. After the passing of Wilma in 1998, the business was left to Bud, Ronald, and Buddy. Today our company is still owned and operated by Buddy and Ronald since the passing of Mary in 2008 and Bud in 2013. Carrying on the family tradition Ronald’s daughter, Angie, joined the staff in 2013, to carry on in the footsteps of her father. In 2005, Mynatt Funeral Home expanded back to Halls Crossroads with a second Chapel, 4131 East Emory Rd. exceedingly close to our original beginning.

Buddy Coomer and Ronald Hill

With You Every Step of the Way

We here at Mynatt Funeral Home, consider ourselves highly unique to this industry being that we are one of the only family owned and operated funeral businesses left in the Knoxville area. We offer traditional services as well as cremation services, and funeral preplanning is also available. Our mission is to consistently provide the most personalized and solace care to the families that we serve. We strive to create the simplest approach for your in such a tough time to ensure that you and you loved one are well taken care of throughout the entirety of the funeral process, as well as after.

Available 24 Hours a Day

We are always available to serve you. If you should have any questions, one of our knowledgeable employees are available 24 hours a day to take your call. Additionally, we have a Spanish speaking translator on staff for your convenience if necessary.

Leave the Arrangements to Us.